Getting Started

The LEN24 Loop model is a complete circular ecosystem. Only businesses aligned with the core sustainable objectives will be able to enter the looping supply chain. 

These businesses will also receive a dedicated e-commerce page on LEN24 Marketplace as well as a profile on the Loop Coin app. 

The Loop Coin app facilities the rewards system for consumer participation within the loop, essentially rewarding conscious consumers for their contribution towards our vision. The app also allows consumers to redeem their coin (LEN), by purchasing goods and services at the business’s (Looper’s) physical store or e-commerce page on LEN24 Marketplace.

Simply download the Loop Coin app and ensure that you successfully complete the registration process.

Yes, your LEN can only be accessed via the Loop Coin app. It also allows you to transact between other users as well as redeem your coin at participating businesses within the LEN24 Loop.

The Loop Coin app can be downloaded from both the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

The Loop Coin app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android smartphone devices. We cannot guarantee that smartphone models older than 2010 are supported. 

If you are experiencing issues, please ensure that your phone software is and app version is updated to the latest version at all time before contacting our support.

The rewards are available to any consumer that supports the LEN24 Loop, provided that they have a Loop Coin profile. 

The sooner you have an active Loop Coin profile and begin supporting businesses within the LEN24 Loop, you will begin to earn and accumulate coins for various promotions that take place within the overall LEN24 Loop.

Additional rewards can be earned for additional conscious behaviour, for example collecting recycling or bringing your own cup when purchasing a cup of coffee at participating businesses.

Participating within the Loop Coin rewards program comes at no additional cost and effort to you. We are simply rewarding you for your initiative and taking responsibility for saving our planet. Your LEN can be used to pay for any goods or services offered by a Looper, rendering it a win- win all round.

The app also allows you to easily find participating businesses aligned with your values of saving our planet. 

By using the app, you are able to manage your LEN and use it to easily purchase goods or services at participating businesses. 

You can pay Loopers using the following methods:

Scan QR code:

1. On your Home Screen, tap the centre button.

2. Hover your phone above the Merchant’s QR Code.

3. Complete all the outstanding information fields.

4. Once confirmed, the business will be successfully paid.

Transfer LEN to wallet:

1. Tap ‘Transfer money to wallet’

2. Add amount of LEN you need to pay the business.

3. Add a note if you wish.

4. Tap ‘next’ to confirm payment.


Yes, it is extremely safe and secure and available with optional security features such as fingerprint scanning or facial recognition (depending on your smartphone’s security features).

A QR code (quick response code) can be considered a digital square bar code that stores information within the unique grid-like pixel pattern. These codes are scanned in by a smartphone’s camera and translates the embedded information usually linking to an additional source.

Loop Coin is the name of the rewards system/app whereas LEN is used to refer to the ‘currency’ of the reward coins used with within the app.

A Looper is a sustainable business that has officially been accepted to participate within the LEN24 Circular Economy.

Yes, there are multiple ways to transfer LEN between users such as, sending to a Phone number, scanning a QR Code or accepting and Incoming Invoice.

Using a Phone Number:

1. Tap the ‘Transfer’ button on your Home Screen.

2. Complete all the information fields and tap ‘Next’

3. If all the details of the Checkout Summary is correct, tap ‘Confirm Payment’ to transfer the LEN.

Using a QR Code:

1. On your Home Screen, tap the centre button.

2. If you are with the person, hover your phone above their QR Code displayed on their screen.

3. Alternatively, if you have previously saved the person’s unique QR code, upload it from your photo library or the folder you saved it to on your phone.

4. Complete all the outstanding information fields and tap ‘Next’.

5. If the details of the ‘Checkout Summary’ is correct, tap to transfer the LEN.

Incoming Invoices:

1. Tap the Invoicing button on your Home Screen.

2. Tap on ‘Incoming’ in the bottom left hand corner.

3. If you are happy with the invoice, tap ‘Pay’

4. If all the details of the Checkout Summary is correct, tap ‘Confirm Payment’ to transfer the LEN.

Incoming Invoices are received from a user requesting a transfer from you. Outgoing Invoices are issued by you requesting a transfer from another user.

For Incoming Invoices:

1. Tap the Invoicing button on your Home Screen.

2. Tap on Incoming in the bottom left hand corner.

3. If you are happy with the invoice, tap ‘Pay’

4. If all the details of the Checkout Summary is correct, tap ‘Confirm Payment’ to transfer the LEN.

For Outgoing Invoices:

1. Tap the ‘Invoicing’ button on your Home Screen.

2. Tap ‘Outgoing’ at the bottom of the screen.

3. To issue a new invoice, tap on the ‘+’ sign

4. Complete all the information fields, and tap ‘Create Invoice’

5. Once confirmed, the invoice will be sent to the recipient for approval.

For Businesses

If a business is aligned with the sustainable objectives of LEN24 Loop, the business is welcome to apply to join the LEN24 Circular Economy. Only upon evaluation and successful application, will the business will form part of the loop model.

Your basic business details such as contact information and location is mandatory. We highly recommend that you complement your profile with an appealing cover photo (1000  ×  500 pixels) as this will appear within the business directory for potential customers to browse and discover businesses within the app.

No, there are no associated costs involved.

1. On your Home Screen on the Loop Coin app, tap the centre button at the bottom of the screen.

2. With the QR Scanner open, tap the ‘My QR’ button in the bottom right corner. 

3. This is your unique QR code that you can share with others, alternatively keep it displayed for a consumer to scan it directly form your screen or alternatively use it to print and place in your store.

Yes, Loop Coin is fully integrated with LEN24 Marketplace and serves as an additional payment gateway.

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